This film should be required viewing as a history supplement in schools.

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We think we know Martin Luther King, the dreamer, the orator, the man who led a revolution, whose name is on street signs, whose features are now etched in stone at a Washington memorial, who shows up in hip hop videos and computer ads, whose most famous speech may be the most-quoted in our collective memories. “Think different,” said the Mac ad, hiring the image of a political revolutionary to sell computers; even Glenn Beck featured MLK on his wall of great Americans. But there’s not a lot of evidence that we pay much attention to the things King actually said. Companies and celebrities want to identify their brands with an unquestionable hero, making an image rather than a movement. So do most of us, I guess. We can all call to memory the cadence of “I have a dream”. It’s less clear whether we remember the content. The most…

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How to Write a Monthly Update (Hint: Use Numbers)

This a very basis yet effective monthly update to follow with anything you are working on.

Mike Collett


I’ve alluded to the importance of data before (“Results Always Win,” “Tackle the Hard Stuff Head On”), but at Promus Ventures we continually see entrepreneurs sending decks and updates full of verbiage but lacking substantial numbers.  Data should be front and center in any update or pitch, and in copious amounts. 

Paul Graham hit on this exactly in a tweet last week:

The more data that can be sent to those around the table, the more efficient key investors and advisors can be in helping/connecting and not wasting founding teams’ time getting up to speed on progress.

Don’t be afraid of showing data to trusted insiders, no matter how bad it may look at the time.  For example, some…

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Just Getting Started

This is very new to me but i wanted to learn more about writing a blog and using blogs for commercial use as well so as part of my New Year resolution I made a personal commitment to dive head first into the whole process. I’m not sure where it will lead me and what personal satisfaction will be gained  but I am excited about the possibilities!